At Pozzi Arturo S.p.A. we are aware of the consequences that the classic production cycle can have on the environment and on people. For this reason we are committed to following the UN 2030 Agenda with the aim of improving the conditions of our employees, those around us and the environment. Specifically, we focus on the following SDGS:

Ensure gender equality and reject all forms of discrimination against our employees, collaborators and partners.

Pozzi Arturo S.p.A. actively promotes gender equality in all its forms and in all the company’s spheres, rejecting and isolating any discriminatory behaviour. In particular, in our company:

– men and women work equally without any discrimination,
– our President is a woman,
– 40% of the members of the Board of Directors are women,
– 66% of the total workforce is female.

Ensuring a responsible use of water in production cycles

Pozzi Arturo S.p.A. has always been committed to reducing water consumption, both in terms of its use in products and in auxiliary processes to production. In particular, in our company:

– we have long been oriented towards the use of raw materials with low water use, absorption and contamination,
– we have reduced the use of water in production cycles and, where possible, eliminated it in its entirety.

Ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy systems for all.

Since 2011 Pozzi Arturo S.p.A. has been committed to a continuous and constant process of replacing electricity produced from fossil fuels with energy produced from renewable sources. In particular, in our company:

– we use ‘clean’ power supplied by solar panels installed both at our headquarters in Barzago and at the warping and finishing production unit in Valletta Brianza, for a total of 250kw/h installed. This allows us to self-consume around 60% of the energy produced annually,
– we are committed to buying electricity externally only from 100% renewable sources.

Fostering lasting, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and dignified work for all.

Pozzi Arturo S.p.A. has always been committed to establishing a continuous dialogue with its employees and collaborators and to creating a pleasant working environment in which they can grow and express their professionalism at any level. In particular, in our company:

– we ensure equal opportunities in the treatment, career advancement and remuneration of our employees,
– provide appropriate training plans for all our emplyees,
– we are committed to preventing and tackling situations of possible exploitation of any form of labour, also regarding third party suppliers,
– we ensure the creation and maintenance of a safe and secure working environment for all our employees.

Building a resilient infrastructure and promoting innovation and fair, responsible and sustainable industrialisation.

Pozzi Arturo S.p.A. promotes both product and process innovation in order to improve the working conditions of its employees and the healthfulness of its facilities, while at the same time enhancing the professional skills present in the company by focusing on activities with real added value. In particular, in our company

– we engaged in a number of smart industry projects with the aim of improving levels of technological innovation and consequently the well-being and productivity of our staff,
– we introduced a new 4.0 system for ventilation, humidification and control of dust levels within the production departments, which has made possible both an interconnection with the company’s monitoring systems in order to check for any anomalies and an efficiency in energy consumption with an average annual reduction of 200,000kw/h consumed.

Ensuring that production processes are environmentally sustainable, kept under control and regularly reviewed for improvement over time.

Pozzi Arturo S.p.A. has long been committed to developing and introducing to the market products characterised by a higher level of sustainability and lower environmental impact throughout their life cycle. In particular, in our company:

– We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint in terms of chemicals used, energy consumption, water consumption and CO2 emissions, and we also involve our suppliers in this objective,
– we have introduced product lines with recycled materials from a GRS-certified supply chain, consisting of both synthetic and natural yarns,
– we develop products that are fully recyclable at the end of their life-cycle.