History, tradition and look at the future.


Pozzi Arturo S.p.A. was founded in 1957 in Bevera di Barzago (LC) by Mr. Arturo Pozzi who gained confidence and credibility from both domestic and export markets in just a few years. Nourished by the deep textile tradition of Como area, the Company stands out among the most known international brands as to quality, customer service and product innovation.

By the constant attention to developing new ideas and new solutions to meet the more and more complex requests from customers, the Company achieves high quality fabrics featuring unique details enriched by the unmatched ingredient: the passion for dressing your living spaces.

The accomplished Production structure is the result of a consolidated process through many years: the 20.000sqm main operational site with offices, fully automatic warehouses, 40 electronic jacquard looms; two separated locations for warping and finishing mills for a total of 10.000sqm.

The integrated structure of Pozzi Arturo S.p.A. is the major strength as it grants the necessary flexibility and reactivity to meet customers specific requests. As to fabric finishing we offer a complete range of traditional treatments from flame retardant backcoating to softening, stain/water repellent, anti-pilling, light backing as well as the more evolved treatments based on nanotechnologies, like antibacterial and stain repellent resistant to many washings.

Refined collections suitable for all different living spaces are the attentive results of the more evolved technologies in production and finishing joint to the research for peculiar and innovating yarns which are cleverly blended by professionals capable of interpreting the tastes and expectations of different and sophisticated customers.