Our mission, vision, and values are what make Pozzi Arturo Spa unique.

Since 1957 our business has developed, grown, and changed over time, generation after generation. But the ideals that have allowed us to get where we are today, differentiating us from our competitors, will continue to guide us in the future.

We have always offered solutions that combine beauty, quality, and functionality. To do this, we constantly strive to improve our products, processes, and the working environment we offer our employees, and to reduce the environmental impact of our activities.

We want to be the bearers of a business model focused on sustainability, with a positive environmental and social impact and responsible corporate governance, to become a benchmark in the industry.


We want to bring well-being through the beauty and innovation of Italian design.


For 3 generations, we have been carrying on the art and passion of upholstering furniture because we believe that living spaces deeply influence our well-being.


Pozzi Arturo Spa decides, grows, and evolves around five main core values that inspire us in our daily actions and that have been thought out, summarized, and narrated by our own employees in this short video:


Beauty flourishes from our search for the perfect blend of emotions and colors.


Just as the weft threads join harmoniously with the warp, so we work together to create unique fabrics.


Passion moves our every action to create and transmit what we are; the loom beats with the energy of us all.


For us, innovation is the drive to continuously seek ideas, the desire to create positive change, and the ambition to pass it on.


For us, sustainability means having a future, and it is about overcoming individualism and opening up to others; it is our commitment to leave future generations the same freedom of choice that we have today.