The lines and the colours, can comply with the worldwide regulations.

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It’s almost ten years since 
Pozzi Arturo S.p.A. created 
a specific division dedicated 
to the world of Contract and 
to experts who always more often 
seek fabrics, which, in addition 
to the design, the lines and 
the colours, can comply with the 
worldwide regulations in terms 
of fire resistance, abrasion 
resistance and washability.

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Besides standard Contract 
Collections, Pozzi Arturo S.p.A. 
is able to achieve collections 
on customer’s specific requirements 
as regards the use of flame retardant 
fibers, textures and colours.
The versatility and the flexibility 
to create custom productions for 
the individual customer and the 
possibility of realizing fabrics 
for “mock up rooms”, complete the 
profile of this increasingly 
important field of application.

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The search and the development 
of new products and customer’s 
satisfaction through a wide range 
of services is the basis of the 
philosophy of Pozzi Arturo S.p.A.
Our fabric meet: Class 1 (Italy) 
UNI 8456 (1987) – Cigarette test 
schedule 4 part 1 BS5852:PASS – 
Match test schedule 5 part 1: 
PASS – IMO Resolution A.652 (16): 
section 8.2, smouldering cigarette 
test:PASS – IMO Resolution A.652 (16) – 
BS5852: Clause 11:2006 Crib 5 – 
TB 117 2013 – B1 according to DIN 4102 
part 1 (1998).